Đèn Đường Led Street Light ( A series) 100-300W

Đèn Đường Led Street Light ( A series) 100-300W

Đèn Đường Led Street Light (A series ) 100-300W

Mã SP: 03HDSLA100S - 03HDSLA150S - 03HDSLA200S

Giá bán: Liên hệ

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    • Modular Construction
    • IP65 Rating.
    • 140° * 75°degree beam angle
    • Low weight, but excellent heat sink
    • Energy savings of up to 90% over existing HID solutions

    Product Description

    With the improvement of LED technology, LED street lights are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to take the place of fluorescent, and incandescent lights. Replcing the traditional lights with LED street light has became a unavoidable trend.


    LED street lights ( A series) are the ideal solution for street lighting, reasons are as follow:

     Applications :

    LED street light are widely used in outdoor places, including:

    1. The new generation LED Street lamp suite. The whole lamp with the powder coating is brighter, without fading and corrosion
    2. 120degree angle adjustment. Anti typhoon 17, waterproof IP65.
    3. The weight is I time lighter than that of common products. Easy to install, boasting a higher cost performance.
    4. PHILIPS 3030 as light source, CE Approval or Mean Well HLG Driver is optional.
    5. LED street lights is a responsible and eco-friendly choice to reduce energy consumption over 75%.
    6. Due to the general output, uniformity, and higher color temperature,this light can improve the night visibility, making it easier for drivers to recognize potential roads hazards.
    7. Significantly longer lifespan can reduce maintenance cost greatly.
    8. Requires no warm up and durable, instant start up and constant output ensure the excellent performance.
    9. Won’t cause eyes fatigue and protect our eyes. No pollution substance, such as mercury and lead.
    10. Stable and reliable, automatically reduce current against overheating working temperature.
    • Roads; and secondary roads;
    • Branch; street; courtyard; plant;
    • Plaza; Park; residential area roads,
    • Street lighting.


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